Sunday, March 15, 2009

More fiction poetry...

There is a collection of tile art in the SFASU courtyard along the side of some steps near the Liberal Arts building; the mural is made up of many different images, each on tiles about 10in square. They were all created by different people so the styles vary, but one of them caught my eye; it appears to be a nondescript figure hunched in a small boat in the middle of a pond. This is his story, enjoy.


Light seeps through the thick fog of morn leaving
streaks as it falls down to earth. The mirror
reflects a rippled image of the
world much clearer. Upon the water rests
a tiny barque, gently moving without
any disturbance to mark its passing.
The only passenger is and old man
hunched about his tackle, another day
alone on the clear water to ponder
memories of old times when moving was
easier. Thoughts of past mornings, perhaps
less foggy but still and serene, they cheer
for a younger man to come back again.
Peering into the looking glass he sees
wrinkles that the dark water erases; hair
that was long gone comes back, no longer gray.
Hands he knew as his own are steady
as he readies his line for casting, threading
the tiny string, agile and confident.
The only passenger is a young man,
hunched about his tackle, another day,
another day…

By: T.J. Seale
Copyright 2008 Thomas Taylor


  1. Hmm..just enjoying my time here.

  2. Love how you came full circle with this one...
    It was so peaceful :)

  3. Very great motion in this poem. I like, I like.

  4. Dendy- Stay as long as you like, thanks for dropping in.

    Sarah-Paige- Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Nick- Hey, Nick thanks. I hope everything is going well for you.

  5. Ah, T.J. wonderful poem. Reflections come in some many different forms for everyone I believe..

  6. Good morning. Your ollin idea was great. I hadn't really even heard of it before. Thanks. So in answer to your question - no, sorry, I'm afraid I'm going to keep your pen!

  7. Hi. I found your blog through Sarah-Paige's and was intrigued by the title.

    I am impressed with your work.