Monday, January 19, 2009

Been busy.

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple weeks, I have been really busy. School starts back Wednesday and I will be posting something then after class. I just got back from UNT to visit a couple of my friends and I drove a U-haul up there for them as well. Which sucked, U-hauls in traffic are not fun to drive. We had a great time though and it was good to see them before this semester sets sail. I have some trepidation about my schedule but I am going to go in optimistic and see how it goes before trying to alter it, which would mean taking an extra day from work. Either way, we shall see and I promise to post something Wednesday; probably poetry.

Until next time,
Thomas Taylor

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  1. Ah! You seem very busy Mr. Seale--you should visit me when you have the time.

    Ever Yours
    Claryn Darrow