Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am currently working on a terza rima that I will be posting soon, but for now, this is one of my more recent poems that I wrote after a very clear, moonless night that my friend and I witnessed out at my house. It was one of those moments that compel you to write it down so you can always remember it as clearly as when you were there.


The dome around is bright, no moon for light
yet here I stand seeing far with eyes like
telescopes. Far and wide and still they stand
like beacons they pulse with cosmic song. And
though far so close they seem, resting
in my eager crown. With one tiny leap
I would fly of this rock into the deep
dark vastness of this awe inspiring space.

Showers now and then a rain, a barrage
of ethereal beams from some distant place
or planet or plane I know not what.
With mine eyes transfixed as if the heavens
conspired to put them in my view path.
So clear the guiding light on nights as this
so clear it appears that design lies there
in the infinite, aware of my minor size
yet full of wisdom, wasted on the wise.

By: T.J. Seale
Copyright 2008 Thomas Taylor


  1. This is great. That night was amazing.

  2. Yes, it was very beautiful. I pray the poem speaks for itself.